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计算机科学-网络 & 系统管理

学者 / 科技与卫生学院 / 计算机科学-网络 & 系统管理


在任何组织中,工作都可能因计算机系统故障而陷于停顿. 如果你是一个解决问题的人,喜欢挑战, imagine what you could do with a network and systems administration degree from TU. 具备有效设计的知识和技能, 保护和管理计算机网络和系统, 你将保证信息的安全和畅通. 问题解决了.


计算机科学学士学位,主修网络 & 系统管理 is designed for students who wish to work with computer science and technology in all facets of an 组织. 你将沉浸在计算机结构和诊断的课程中, 网络管理和管理, 以及数据通信和网络. You’ll apply networking concepts and principles to solving problems related to networked computer systems. 和 you’ll demonstrate the ability of Microsoft client and server operating systems to 配置, 修复, 优化和解决系统问题.

课程将为你准备一系列的认证, 哪些可以证明你对行业标准的了解. 这近20个认证——从CompTIA网络+, 微软技术助理,Python编程入门, 与CompTIA Cloud+合作,获得计算机科学学位, 会给你在找工作时带来明显的竞争优势吗.

  • 博彩平台推荐是思科认证学院, allowing you to gain real-world hands-on experience with equipment and hardware that is utilized in the industry.
  • 网络课程使用思科的课程, which enables you to take industry certifications such as the Cisco Certified Technician (CCT), 思科认证网络助理(CCNA), and Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP) after completing the courses.
  • Study with professors who bring years of industry leadership and experience to the classroom.
  • Work in an advanced computer science lab with the most up-to-date software environments and equipment specific for Cisco networking course work.
  • 你需要完成一项专业实习, 在这个领域实习的机会也很多.
  • The TU 商学院 is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

这是一个将为你在IT世界的各个方面做好准备的项目. 您将与具有多年IT经验的知识渊博的教授一起学习. 行业知识课程, 基于思科网络学院的最新数据, 会为你参加行业认证做准备吗, 课程中有哪些内容. 和, 还有计算机和网络概念, 你会学到基本的沟通技巧, 组织, critical thinking and teamwork – soft skills that are critical to the success of any IT professional.

  • 网络课程使用思科的课程, 是什么让你在完成课程后获得行业认证.
  • Industry certifications are built into course work and you will be prepared for:
    • Excel
    • 微软客户端
    • 网络+
    • 安全+
    • 项目管理注册助理(CAPM)
    • Certified Associate in Software Testing (CAST) or Certified Associate in Software Quality
    • HTML5应用程序开发基础
    • Python编程入门
    • 访问专家
    • c#编程
    • +认证
    • Server+/Microsoft Server 2016
    • Linux+或RedHat认证
    • ICDN1
    • ICDN2
    • 云+ /微软云
    • 思科CCNA
    • Linux +
    • AWS云
  • 蒂芬是亚马逊网络服务学院的一员, enabling us to provide a cloud-computing curriculum that prepares you to pursue industry-recognized certifications and in-demand cloud jobs.
  • Tiffin University is a Certiport Authorized Testing Center and a Pearson Vue Testing Center, 使您能够在校园内参加大部分认证考试.

在网络中 & 系统管理课程, 你会在实践中学习, 当你将网络概念与实践相结合时. 我们的大部分课程都是实践性的, 你会在课堂学习的基础上积极参与IT/IS项目吗. TU是思科认证学院, 你将使用行业中使用的相同设备和软件. You’ll participate in a 150-hour professional internship, providing invaluable industry experience. 通过实地考察,你将亲眼看到这个行业的工作情况. 和, you’ll hear from accomplished IT professionals, who visit our campus to speak on current topics.

  • 在网络课上, 你将积极完成IT/IS功能来理解这些概念, 然后完成项目, 基于课堂作业.
  • 在你倒数第二节课程中, CST460计算机科学研究, 整个学期你将专注于一个项目, 涵盖所有领域的课程,并将知识付诸实践.
  • 在最后的过程中, CST470实习, you’ll work professionally within an 组织 for a minimum of 150 hours gaining practical experience and learning what life is like working in the industry.
  • Hands-on IT projects working with the local community are at times incorporated into course work.
  • Clubs and 组织s – such as the Tiffin University ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) Student Chapter, 或者我们称之为技术俱乐部——提供对现实世界学习的见解.


  • MKT151入门营销
  • CST155操作系统简介
  • ACC210财务会计
  • MGT201组织管理
  • CST201编程入门
  • 法律211商业法
  • 微观经济学原理
  • CST230网络基础
  • CDS244网络安全
  • 数据库1
  • CST285电子表格和分析
  • FIN301企业财务
  • CST412 IT项目管理
  • CST460计算机科学研究
  • CST470实习
  • MGT495组织战略

总计 = 48小时

浓度:网络 & 系统管理(每门课程3学时,共18学时)
  • CST212系统分析与设计
  • CST325 Linux
  • CST330网络基础设施
  • CST345服务器管理
  • CST430网络基础设施II
  • CST445云管理

总计 = 18个小时

总BS小时= 127-135

这是一个示例课程序列来说明本专业的课程设置. Consult the official Academic 公告 for detailed registration and advising information.


程序设计导论(CST201) – This course introduces the basic concepts of a structured programming language. All programming languages use the same concepts and the language will be based on the current need of the industry. The student will learn to design and develop software applications using the building blocks of a language which can include basic variable declaration and sequential code using mathematical expressions to more advance techniques with decision and repetition coding using advance data variable structures such as arrays and records (these may have different names in some languages but, 有相同的想法). 将处理输入/输出的文件操作. The course will begin to look at breaking a large program down into functions that forms the basis for object-oriented programming.

Linux (CST325) – This course is designed to develop students’ knowledge and aptitude in UNIX and Linux Operating Systems at a command line level as well as the administration level. This course will prepare students to sit for the CompTIA Linux+ certification offered by CompTIA as well as the RedHat Linux Administrator certification offered by RedHat or other comparable certifications.

网络基础设施1 (CST330) – This course teaches basic concepts associated with using PC’s in a networked environment, 包括连接到网络和将网络连接在一起. 包括点对点和客户机/服务器网络, 网络拓扑和架构, OSI模型, 以太网和TCP/IP协议, IPv4/IPv6和MAC地址, 路由器和路由, 网络打印, NAT和VPN, 加上无线网络. The course also provides a strong foundation in preparation for the CompTIA Network+ Exam offered by CompTIA or comparable certifications.

服务器管理(CST345) -本课程准备学生安装, 配置, and administer Windows Server Active Directory Students will be prepared for the Microsoft MCSA certification on Windows Active Directory.


在校园 -提供为期15周的学期形式,开始日期为1月和8月



Computer science is a rapidly growing field and the need for network administrators is projected to significantly increase. 根据美国劳工统计局的数据, the employment of computer science and technology occupations is projected to grow 12 percent over the next decade, 哪个比所有职业的平均水平快得多.

  • 计算机网络架构师
  • 计算机程序员
  • 电脑支援专员
  • 客户服务代表
  • 数据库管理员
  • 数据业务流程分析师
  • DCA工程师
  • 硬件和网络专员
  • 信息系统经理
  • IT支持专员
  • 网络及系统管理员
  • 程序员分析师
  • 软件开发人员
  • 系统分析师
  • 技术支持专员
  • 城市及区域规划师
  • Web开发人员
  • 巴斯科姆互助电话公司.
  • 布朗-福曼公司
  • 计算机科学公司
  • 库珀轮胎 & 橡胶
  • Ellucian
  • 爱尔兰卫生系统
  • 第一能源
  • 通用电气(General Electric)
  • Genscape公司.
  • 顺丰的优秀单位
  • 杰姆网络咨询有限责任公司
  • 克罗格
  • 塞内卡计算机中心
  • 东芝业务解决方案
  • 沃尔玛公司.
  • 韦伯斯特的行业





“The on-campus events and activities that are offered have made it easy to learn about a number of different topics. I also believe because of the diverse population here at TU it allows me to gain a broader perspective of different cultures and customs that I have not encountered before.”